Fluorite - Komshejeh Mine, Ardestan County, Esfahan Province, Iran


Bruno Barbey - Brazil, Amazonas, Belem, The Amazon river (1966)
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One of 61 drawings done by Orra White Hitchcock for use in Professor Edward Hitchcock’s classes on geology and natural history via Amherst
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X-Ray Photography Arie van’t Riet

"As a physicist I specialized in radiation physics. Especially in very low energy X-rays. Some years ago I started to use these experience in X-ray photography. An amazing kind of black and white photography. Looking with X-ray eyes to nature. That’s what I like to experience with my X-ray camera. "


Shi Jin Song: Take Off The Armor’s Mountion, 2009 

Material:Stainless spring washers 、Gear Oil、Stainless steel pots、Wire

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Panneaux Sunghee Lee


Welts, scars of beauty, pattern the entire back of a Nuba woman in Sudan, 1966.Photograph by Horst Luz, National Geographic Creative
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Rinko Kawauchi 川内倫子

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The Good Badlands Guy Tal

"These arid places of clay and shale are the backdrop to harsh, desolate, and infinitely delicate vignettes. To a casual visitor, it is a sun baked wasteland of lifeless grey earth, caked and cracked and carved by rare floods. To the parient observer, however, there is great beauty here, delicate and subtle, but it does not reveal itself easily. You have to want to see it, and be willing to work hard for it. On rare years, wildflowers burst into stunning display of color, transforming the desert into a veritable garden for just few precious days; miss it and you may never get another chance. This area is also coveted by off-road enthusiasts, in many places despite legal closures to protect the fragile ecosystem. This is a place where humans always struggled, yet always fought for."

Canvas  by  andbamnan